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  •  Materials Specialty Engineering  CME specializes in PCC and HMA specialty engineering, including Mass Concrete modeling and monitoring, Cross-Hole Sonic Logging (CSL), use of maturity meter control of placed concrete, and new product development, with research efforts in oil sands, cold-in-place recycling and precast concrete pavements, among others.
  •  Pavement Design and Management: CME provides Pavement Design and Pavement Management experience to optimize initial designs and system rehabilitation strategies that are intended to reduce the overall cost, both initial and long-term to the owner.
  •  Dispute Resolution   CME’s extensive experience in pavement and materials design, construction and quality oversight provides an excellent basis for the evaluation and remediation planning for pavements and other roadway elements that deviate from specifications or exhibit early distress.
  •  Construction Management: CME provides 20 years of experience in construction Quality Assurance, including State and Federal project documentation requirements, providing the owner with a high degree of reliability construction quality. 

Materials Specialty Engineering 

Cross-Hole Sonic Logging and Evaluation

  •  CME has performed CSL testing and evaluation on over 200 shafts in the last 3 years.
  •  CME has used Tomographic evaluation of anomalies on over a dozen shafts to determine context, extent and location and assist the contractor in performance evaluation and/or remediation.

Mass Concrete Modeling and Monitoring

  •  CME has performed Mass Concrete Modeling on over a dozen footings, abutments and other large concrete placements.
  •  With modeling information, CME has guided mix design modification and construction practices, providing options for contractors to meet specifications with minimum sacrifices to cost or schedule.

Maturity Meter Implementation

  •  CME has demonstrated the expertise on multiple projects to develop and implement a maturity meter acceptance program to provide quicker, more reliable and more comprehensive results for strength of concrete acceptance.

Materials Research, Development and Design

  •  CME has performed in-depth research on concrete materials, precast pavements, oil sand asphalts and recycled asphalt products, providing detailed information and answers to the questions related to obtaining cutting edge performance of old or new products.

Pavement Design 

Pavement Rehabilitation Design

  •  CME is highly experienced in evaluating and designing rehabilitation of either asphalt or concrete pavements to bring old roads back up to current standards. 
  •  Primary focus is placed on the recycling of the existing pavement to minimize impact and save construction time and cost.  This includes the use of  hot-in-place (HIPR) and cold-in-place (CIPR) recycling, full-depth reclamation (FDR) and mill and replace concepts, using standard AASHTO procedures and FWD analysis.  With proper design information, CME can evaluate the remaining service life of these pavements and give accurate recommendations for proper treatment and timing to get the best performance out of the rehabilitation project.

Airport Pavement Design

  • CME is experienced in Airport Pavement design in accordance with current
  • FAA standards including FAA Advisory Circular 150/5320-6E.

Materials Quality Assurance and Construction Management 

Dispute Resolution and Engineering Analysis

  •  CME provides experience in forensic engineering analysis and non-conventional evaluation providing the best opportunity to demonstrate the expected performance of materials that don’t meet conventional specification. CME has successfully applied this approach on multiple litigation disputes.

Forensic Materials Testing & Investigation

  •  CME provides experienced licensed professional engineers and certified inspectors for all Quality Assurance for Construction and Design.
  •  CME’s understanding of the depth of detail required for documentation on Federal and State funded projects gives assurance that projects will be documented properly prior to issuing payment minimizing risk of withdrawal of State or Federal funding.

Construction Management and Quality Assurance/Quality Control Services

  •  CME’s in-depth experience with materials and construction services such as Independent Quality Firm (IQF), Construction Quality Control Manager (CQCM) functions and Independent Assurance will provide high quality control and evaluation of any project.

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